Thursday, April 23, 2015

lots to say....

This post was dated as of  2011.. lol.. yikes

As everyone who knows me can attest, I am really bad at updating my blog when I get busy.  And wow have we been busy.  Just a few weeks after my last post our little girl decided it was time to come.  The story is not a super long one.  At five am. my water broke with a sudden pop(!).  It was so loud it woke me from a complete sleep.  Of course only being 34wks 6days we were not exactly packed and ready.  But one our defense we had stayed up till about 1 am working on our birthing plan.  Something in me felt a really strong drive to get it done- much to Brandon's chagrin.  I woke up B, again not thrilled with the timing, and asked him to get me a towel.  He was so funny running around in circles because his brain had not woken up enough to remember where they were.  After a few seconds he composed himself and was able to fulfill my request.  Hobbling to the bathroom, I noted we needed to pack.  ooops.  Long story short we were a bit of a circus on the packing detail.  We had to call our friends the Allred's and drop off a very sleepy older brother.  Finally around 6:45 we made it to the hospital.  We checked her heart, which took a bit to find.  When we were walking down the hall labor finally hit.

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